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Children are warmly welcome.
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Kromme Waal and the Bantam bridge Amsterdam has got one of the biggest and best preserved old city centres in Europe.
Groenburgwal and the tower of the Zuiderkerk (1614) Twilight:
View of the Groenburgwal and the Zuiderkerk (1614).
canal cruise Canal cruise:
The easiest way to get an impression of the big old city center.
Red Light District The Red Light District
is much more than that!
springtime park Keukenhof The Springtime Park Keukenhof:
It only opens its doors a couple of months each year! If you come between march and may you will see what dutch flower bulbs mean to the world of colours. By the way, Keukenhof is probably the only place in the Netherlands without bicicles.
The windmills at Kinderdijk near Rotterdam How many windmills do you want to see? This site near Rotterdam belongs to the world cultural heritage! The dutch live up to 22 feet below sealevel...
at the Zaanstreek north of Amsterdam The best way to know Amsterdam and the surroundings is by bike.
Brouwersgracht with snow Of course, you are welcome in winter as well!
Milchkaffee You determine the rithm of the tour.
Maybe you want to learn your first words in dutch?
"Koffie verkeerd is lekker!"
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